Jennifer Hofmeister, CPA, P.C.

Jennifer Hofmeister, CPA, P.C.

About Us

At Jennifer Hofmeister CPA, P.C., we have a lot in common with many of our clients. We, too, have an entrepreneurial spirit, and our size can often make our sophisticated tax, accounting and advisory firm feel more like a family. Since our inception, our clients have considered us their trusted business advisors and partners, not just once-a-year tax preparers.

We offer full-service accounting, taxation and financial advice for clients throughout the year, working side by side, day to day, to help you prepare for the future—and to recognize that blind curve far in advance, while you have plenty of time to make smart personal and business adjustments.

You’ll find accessibility is one of our greatest assets. There are no extra fees for phone calls, or for using us as a sounding board for your ideas.  We view every client as unique. Whether your business is large or small, a family trust or a fast-track start-up, we’ve built our own business model based upon personalized service.  No cookie-cutter solutions here. We understand that catering to your specific needs is the best way to help you and your company succeed.  Whatever your industry, in today’s economic climate, your needs may shift quickly—and a nimble team of solution-oriented accounting, tax and financial experts is mandatory.  The needs of the small business and individual who do not necessarily have the wealth to seek professional assistance are the conerstone of this practice.  We focus on creating systems in order to do the most for the least amount of cost to our clients.   

Our mission is to help our clients achieve more than they thought possible and to have fun doing it!  To achieve this, customer service is the key. And the key to great customer service is a knowledgeable and dedicated team.

Feel free to contact us anytime.  We are here to help!